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How much time does it take to prepare for a talk? The basic answer is: A LOT. and, MORE THAN YOU THINK . and, DEPENDS ON HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO FEEL WALKING INTO YOUR TALK. BUT, MORE. IT TAKES MORE. Perhaps this is not the message you’d like to get about this. I mean, we are all trying to find short-cuts in our work to save TIME and …

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MMM On a Memorizing Trick

It’s Mini Moved Me day! Today I want to talk with you about a little memorizing trick I use when I’m trying to get the content of my talk to move from my head and really sink into my body. Whether you are refreshing a talk you haven’t done in awhile, or you are currently building a talk and aren’t delivering it yet – there’s a simple trick you …

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TMM Rob Bell plain blog image

That word – TIME – is tricky for “productive“ and “busy“ people. But the thing is that we cannot produce something NEW – bring new insight (aka, WISDOM BOMBS) – without it. This is part three in a four-part series about what I learned sitting in the audience of the talented Rob Bell. Check out parts one (on space) and two (on resonance) here. That’s the only word that seems fitting …

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MMM The Creative Process Part 4

This is my favorite part of the process.   It’s the AHA part!  The part where you’re standing in the shower… or wandering through your commute… or sitting on the porch with a glass of wine (ok, that one doesn’t actually happen all that often, but isn’t it a nice image?!)… and then BAM! IT COMES TO YOU!   When I was in grad school, finishing up my Master’s …

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MMM Creative Process Part 3, Reframe

We are in week three of this 5-part series on the creative process! Yay! If you haven’t yet listened to parts one and two, go ahead and do that first so this all makes more sense. Today’s Mini Moved Me is all about how we can REFRAME our work. In other words, are we open to seeing our work in a different way? Exploring the possibilities? Stretching the approaches? …

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MMM Creative Process Part Two

  We are in week two of diving into the Creative Process! Last week’s episode laid the foundation for this series – so if you haven’t listened to it yet, go back and listen to that one now as it will help this all make a little more sense! Today’s Mini Moved Me is all about RESEARCH. “Research” means feeding your brain with good stuff. Podcasts, audio books, music, …

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MMM Creative Process Part One

How many of you have gotten STUCK before?! Struggled with making the new?!  Felt at a creative loss?! Felt tired, bored, uninspired, alone!? Ugh, yes. Me too. A few months ago, I got a wonderful question from my friend (well, I like to think we’re “friends” – do Twitter-friends count?) Grant,  who asked how he, as a pastor and frequent speaker with a demanding schedule, stays inspired, energized, creative. …

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