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This Moved Me TED Opening Session Feedback

TED (and his talks). Do you love him as much as I do? (Don’t tell my hubby.) I got word that I’m giving a TEDx talk in October. I’m thrilled! Last week I was helping a client refine his old TEDx talk, and turn it into new content. So fun! I’m working with a new client who’s giving his 2nd TEDx talk soon… exciting! And, tickets are selling fast to the TEDx in my community …

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Glennon Speak 2

Dang, I have a cool job!  It’s MY JOB to go see amazing people speak! And, I have been waiting for this one. I got to see Glennon Doyle Melton speak. (Eeeee!!!) Or Momastery, as she is often known. She has my admiration, though she doesn’t need it. But she has it. I truly believe she is doing important work in this world, just by being herself. From her writing to her …

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TMM Ben Zander Post

Last Sunday I had the mind-expanding and heart-soaring opportunity to see Ben Zander speak with the Studio/E Group. It was a private affair, and thanks to my hubby who is a Studio E Alum, I got to tag along. YAY FOR ME! Cause if you’ve seen Ben Zander’s TED Talk, then you know seeing him live is something you do not want to miss!  (And if you haven’t seen …

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If you ever listen to the TED Radio Hour, you might have heard this: Jill Bolte Taylors’ TED Talk, “My Stroke of Insight,” helped put TED on the map, and brought this conference into millions of people’s lives. Why did this particular talk reach its way into our minds and hearts?   1.  She is a visceral storyteller.  She lived through an incredible experience, and is able to explain it in …

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