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Welcome to the Speaking Truths series! Regardless of how capable or skilled or experienced or savvy we are, too many of us struggle to fully embrace the power and importance of sharing our voice. We need to stand up – speak up – grounded in our authentic and courageous and clear voice. Even in that business meeting. Even in that workshop you’ve done a zillion times. Especially in that …

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“Sally, you talk about getting the content into you body. Sounds nice, but I have no idea what you mean by that. How do I do that?” I like to say that I can literally see where someone’s content is at, in terms of how much it has been embodied, or integrated into their body – and not just an IDEA. We are not writers – we are SPEAKERS. …

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Jan Schultink – founder and CEO of SlideMagic – is a former McKinsey consultant who is now an internationally recognized designer. Jan understands both business and design, and he uses his expertise to help people develop their content and design their slides. Speakers, Jan’s insight is invaluable if you want to create effective, well-designed presentation slides that can engage Movers, Jan’s insight is invaluable if you want to create effective, …

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Stumble – Don’t “Rehearse” I was in D.C. a few weeks back giving a workshop to an organization, helping them develop and deliver more “moving presentations.” We talked about the theory of persuasion a bit, then we dove into the structure of a moving talk – and then we got into delivery. Friends – this is always where the rubber hits the road and where I get the most questions …

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How much time does it take to prepare for a talk? The basic answer is: A LOT. and, MORE THAN YOU THINK . and, DEPENDS ON HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO FEEL WALKING INTO YOUR TALK. BUT, MORE. IT TAKES MORE. Perhaps this is not the message you’d like to get about this. I mean, we are all trying to find short-cuts in our work to save TIME and …

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This Moved Me is a podcast and blog about the art of public speaking. As a speaker and presentation coach, there's nothing I love more than to dig into how we can move an audience. Because I believe that a good talk can move the world. If you do too - you're in the right place! If you want to create a talk that will move the world - welcome! And if you want to join in the conversation on how we can do this more and better - I'm so glad you're here. Learn more →

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Aw, shucks. You did a beautiful job!
Barry Kudrowitz on Podcast Guest Registration
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Kathryn Runman-Zimney on Originality
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Barry Kudrowitz on Podcast Guest Registration
My phone number is 561 445 4994 and my twitter is @kudrowitz may also want to include college of design
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