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Speech Club Michelle Obama

Speech lovers everywhere, please tell me you watched Michelle Obama’s speech! I’m guessing you did, or have, or plan to – and so let’s talk about it for a moment. It moved me. And obviously so many others. That’s starting point #1 for us as speakers. But why? Why did it move us so much? It was emotive. And – risking being overly simplistic here – there are two …

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MMM On Power and Stories and Orlando

I wrote this and shared it over on the This Moved Me Facebook page and my newsletter, and got quite a response… And so I thought it might be worth sharing here, as well. When I was in grad school, I was searching for a thread in my work that I couldn’t figure out how to express. It was in the middle of the second George W. Bush election …

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MLK Homage

How do you pay homage to this man? For me, it’s this story: When I was little, my parents – both teachers – had cassettes around (yes, I’m that old) of different historical figures. I remember listening, over and over, to the one about Martin Luther King, Jr. What moved me was his speech. “…We hold these truths to be self-evident… that all men are created equal… I have …

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TMM Dan Pallotta Blog Graphic

I’ve got a special edition of This Moved Me this week! I gave a big hint about it in my weekly This Moved Me newsletter a few weeks back… so, for those who are not signed up for these emails (why aren’t you signed up for these?!), let me see if I can set this up for you. A few weeks ago I attended the Minneapolis Foundation’s 100-year anniversary …

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TMM Julian Treasure Graphic

  On this week’s This Moved Me, I have the honor of talking with Julian Treasure.  Yep, THE Julian Treasure. The one whose TED talks have graced the “most watched” lists – and the one who has 5 – count them! – 5 TED talks. And who speaks all over the world about how to talk so that people will listen. Yep, that’s the one. It took months to get …

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Aly Wallberg Headshot

Aly Wallberg and I connected through her short and lively Ignite Minneapolis talk where she analyzed Sarah Palin’s Lipstick on a Pitbull convention speech. I loved the talk (Aly’s, that is, ahem) and thought she was brilliant and funny. So of course I had to have her on the show!  (And yes, we had to spend just a little time imitating Sarah… I mean, she can see Russia from her house! It’s …

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