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How do you choose the right presentation coach? Good question. For me, my first big gig coaching as a consultant – outside of the years working within an organization with dozens of speakers – was attained like this:   Friend of a friend heard this group was looking for a new coach. They didn’t like their corporate guy. They sent a mutual email, introducing me to them.   We sat …

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“Sally, you talk about getting the content into you body. Sounds nice, but I have no idea what you mean by that. How do I do that?” I like to say that I can literally see where someone’s content is at, in terms of how much it has been embodied, or integrated into their body – and not just an IDEA. We are not writers – we are SPEAKERS. …

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Stumble – Don’t “Rehearse” I was in D.C. a few weeks back giving a workshop to an organization, helping them develop and deliver more “moving presentations.” We talked about the theory of persuasion a bit, then we dove into the structure of a moving talk – and then we got into delivery. Friends – this is always where the rubber hits the road and where I get the most questions …

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How much time does it take to prepare for a talk? The basic answer is: A LOT. and, MORE THAN YOU THINK . and, DEPENDS ON HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO FEEL WALKING INTO YOUR TALK. BUT, MORE. IT TAKES MORE. Perhaps this is not the message you’d like to get about this. I mean, we are all trying to find short-cuts in our work to save TIME and …

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MMM On a Memorizing Trick

It’s Mini Moved Me day! Today I want to talk with you about a little memorizing trick I use when I’m trying to get the content of my talk to move from my head and really sink into my body. Whether you are refreshing a talk you haven’t done in awhile, or you are currently building a talk and aren’t delivering it yet – there’s a simple trick you …

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Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face when rehearsing is actually standing up and jumping in.  As a coach, I know all the signs… prolonged chit-chat, sudden stories of our kids, last-minute bathroom visits, extra goofing off, changes of subject… I know, I know – it’s a challenging moment, when you have to stand up and say out loud these ideas that you’ve been playing with. It’s the first time …

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  When I work with my clients, they are often stuck in old paradigms of what public speaking has GOTTA be… and those myths get in the way of feeling confident and connected, which makes moving our audience nearly impossible. Here are the biggest myths I hear from speakers: IT’S GOTTA BE PERFECT. I can’t think of anything more boring than a “perfect” presentation. Don’t be afraid to let your humanity …

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TMM Messy House

  Last week I was working with a crew of wonderful people, prepping for a big event and presentation they were hosting. It was a fairly casual affair, but required many hours of prepping (like they do!).   One of the newer members of the team – and someone who hasn’t worked with me as much – was thrown for a loop by my “stumble-through” concept. If you haven’t …

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TMM Pep Talk

*Taken from an actual pep talk with actual lovely clients who were actually heading off to do a talk without having gotten our full rehearsal in. A pep talk was called for! Thought you might appreciate, because how often are we heading off to give a talk and haven’t done as much as we would have liked?  (Yeah, me too.) ********* Off you go! And without a full rehearsal …

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MMM Rehearsal Graphic

  About a decade ago, I was working at an organization where I was speaking to hundreds of kids each day, several days a week. I had a few talks that I’d get a crack at putting up in front of an audience maybe 50+ times a year, each. That’s a LOT of time in front of an audience (and, some might say, the toughest of audiences). It honed …

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