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Talk Development Hacks Part 2

In the last week, a new public speaking app has been making big waves in all the big mags – and some people are really jazzed about it. These dudes are doing some killer PR! It’s called Orai, and… it’s trying to take my job from me. And I’m not gonna lie – my initial reaction was strong: But!! BUT!!! Coaching requires intuition, relationship, a bird’s eye view of the entire …

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This Moved Me Team Presenting Blog Image

Pulling off a team presentation can feel like herding cats.   There are so many voices to integrate – and typically someone with more power swooping in at the last-minute to tell you to change something, or not to say this/that which can really throw you off. And who has time to prep!? All together, no less?! Ugh.   But when a team presentation goes well, it can be …

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Speech Club Michelle Obama

Speech lovers everywhere, please tell me you watched Michelle Obama’s speech! I’m guessing you did, or have, or plan to – and so let’s talk about it for a moment. It moved me. And obviously so many others. That’s starting point #1 for us as speakers. But why? Why did it move us so much? It was emotive. And – risking being overly simplistic here – there are two …

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  When I work with my clients, they are often stuck in old paradigms of what public speaking has GOTTA be… and those myths get in the way of feeling confident and connected, which makes moving our audience nearly impossible. Here are the biggest myths I hear from speakers: IT’S GOTTA BE PERFECT. I can’t think of anything more boring than a “perfect” presentation. Don’t be afraid to let your humanity …

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TMM Messy House

  Last week I was working with a crew of wonderful people, prepping for a big event and presentation they were hosting. It was a fairly casual affair, but required many hours of prepping (like they do!).   One of the newer members of the team – and someone who hasn’t worked with me as much – was thrown for a loop by my “stumble-through” concept. If you haven’t …

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TMM Ben Zander Post

Last Sunday I had the mind-expanding and heart-soaring opportunity to see Ben Zander speak with the Studio/E Group. It was a private affair, and thanks to my hubby who is a Studio E Alum, I got to tag along. YAY FOR ME! Cause if you’ve seen Ben Zander’s TED Talk, then you know seeing him live is something you do not want to miss!  (And if you haven’t seen …

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TMM Pep Talk

*Taken from an actual pep talk with actual lovely clients who were actually heading off to do a talk without having gotten our full rehearsal in. A pep talk was called for! Thought you might appreciate, because how often are we heading off to give a talk and haven’t done as much as we would have liked?  (Yeah, me too.) ********* Off you go! And without a full rehearsal …

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It’s that time of year. Blissful wedded brides and grooms – and their attending families and friends – await the wedding toasts with a mixture of dread (the toast-ers) and glee (the toast-eds). Whether you’re the father of the bride – the best man or maid of honor – or that rogue relative who always wants to add his .02… it’s a big moment. If done well – it can be …

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Today’s Mini Moved Me is about the concept of holding “the con.”     I’m not talking about a “con-man”     Or this guy:     It’s a nautical term. And we use it in presentations to determine “who is steering the ship.”  Not only ‘who is leading this section?’ – but Where should your audience look?  Who’s in charge? Where should they direct their attention? It’s your job as …

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Dan Pallotta TED

Dan Pallota: The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong Talk Review:  Powerful, thought-provoking, intriguing, challenging This Moved Me! I was first introduced to this talk listening to the TED Radio Hour version (in the Giving It Away episode – please go and listen to it now, it’s awesome) on a run in Omaha, Nebraska. I was down there for a fundraising event for a wonderful nonprofit I’ve worked …

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