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“Sally, you talk about getting the content into you body. Sounds nice, but I have no idea what you mean by that. How do I do that?” I like to say that I can literally see where someone’s content is at, in terms of how much it has been embodied, or integrated into their body – and not just an IDEA. We are not writers – we are SPEAKERS. …

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#Speakers: There’s a lot of content that’s great, but not great for speaking.  Tweet This “I know I need to cut some of my talk… but I hate to lose any of this material. It’s ALL important to me! How do you decide what to cut?”  I say a lot in my workshops and with my clients that you know you’re getting to the good stuff when it really …

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“Sally, I hate Q&A’s! Help!” Haha, I thought this would be a good one to start with on my Q & A episode.  Ok – I hear this one a lot. I know, I know – it’s improv vs. your scripted scene. It’s unpredictable, can be scary – and oh my goodness, what if I get challenged??  A few things:  Focus on the person. Think of it as a …

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MMM Holding Space

On this week’s Mini Moved Me: I talk about holding space. Several weeks back, a Twitter follower and listener sent me a message and asked me to talk a bit about “holding space” as a speaker. He then sent me to this blog post written about the concept, and suggested I have the writer on the show. Which I did!  At first glance, I wasn’t exactly sure what my …

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MMM Q&A Highs and Lows

I got this thoughtful and totally understandable question from a listener last week: I have done public speaking since I was a teenager, I have now been a Pastor for a year, and preach weekly. Each week, I need to create a new sermon. I find a lot of emotional energy goes into the preparation and the emotion peaks on the Sunday as I talk. Each Sunday afternoon and …

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