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Colin Stokes on This Moved Me

Colin Stokes – TED speaker, communications and marketing professional, proud Dad, and fellow high school speech geek – sat down with me to talk about the powerful platform of speaking as perhaps THE way we might be able to create change in this world.   That’s a big statement, but I happen to believe that speaking has a very specific potential to create change.   And Colin, a passionate …

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Josh Shipp This Moved Me

Today’s post is from a speaker I worked with: Josh Shipp. Josh is an excellent speaker for kids and parents who has been highlighted on Oprah, CNN, Lifetime – and many other places. It was an honor to help him prep for his TEDx talk – AND – he brings to us today some insight into the process of bringing your voice to the stage in a way that both …

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Angela Lussier is an award-winning speaker, founder of Speaking School for Women, author of three books, speech coach and host of Claim the Stage podcast. Recently, I had the pleasure to be a guest on her podcast (Episode 23 called “Hairy Authenticity” – I know, I love the title too!). Angela’s mantra is “Stop waiting. Start creating.” She inspires her listeners to take the most important, often-feared, first step …

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Vikas Narula – an entrepreneur, influencer, and owner of Keyhubs. He has perspectives on life that helps others see things that are most important. We talked about how speakers can overcome the disconnect between themselves and their audience by understanding the power of influence and connection. We shared our thoughts on the importance of creative expression and the core concepts that transform speakers to influencers. Vikas, thank you for sharing …

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John Zimmer Podcast Blog Image

John Zimmer – lawyer, Toastmasters master, speaker, improviser and communications coach – joined me for a conversation about how we can bring the art of communication to ANY opportunity you have. Whether you’re in a courtroom, or giving a TED talk, doing improv, sitting in an interview, or standing in front of your coworkers for a meeting – these skills are essential to moving your audience. I love John’s …

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Vanessa Van Edwards – scientist and speaker – joined me for a conversation about how to present yourself… or, as I almost titled this episode: How Not to Be Awkward. Why is Vanessa the expert on this topic? As a “recovering awkward person” herself, she approached the soft skills of presenting, love, and influence – studying it like she studies science. And through that she has been able to …

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TMM Joel Boggess Blog Image

Joel Boggess – author, speaker, broadcast journalist – and host of the highly-acclaimed podcast “Re-Launch” with over 200,000 listeners – joined me for a conversation about how to build your influence, whether in front of an audience or over the airwaves. Joel is a generous spirit – giving so thoughtfully of his expertise in the podcasting community, which is where I met him! Together we talked about the growth of …

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