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So, we were in the middle of our Changemakers Day event. Sixteen amazing people had been gathered together to create more meaningful change in their businesses and lives. Andy (the hubs) had spent the morning talking about the process through which we create change – and now it was my turn. My topic: using our voice for change. So I started by playing Big Booty. Have you played Big Booty? …

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John Zimmer Podcast Blog Image

John Zimmer – lawyer, Toastmasters master, speaker, improviser and communications coach – joined me for a conversation about how we can bring the art of communication to ANY opportunity you have. Whether you’re in a courtroom, or giving a TED talk, doing improv, sitting in an interview, or standing in front of your coworkers for a meeting – these skills are essential to moving your audience. I love John’s …

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MMM Speaker Mindset Part Two

Last week in Part One of this series, we talked about the importance of walking into the room to give a talk with the mindset of “I can’t wait to share this with them.” It’s about turning your fear into excitement. And I know it’s more complicated than just saying it over and over again in your head, but truly, saying it over and over again in your head …

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TMM Levi Weinhagen

     A few weeks ago I met Levi Weinhagen at the Ignite Minneapolis event. I had been hearing about Levi for awhile – both he and my husband are in the improv community here in the Twin Cities – and he hosts a really successful podcast called the Pratfalls Podcast about how we as creatives move through life (which is often full of pratfalls, of course). Levi did a great …

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