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Pulling off a team presentation can feel like herding cats.   There are so many voices to integrate – and typically someone with more power swooping in at the last-minute to tell you to change something, or not to say this/that which can really throw you off. And who has time to prep!? All together, no less?! Ugh.   But when a team presentation goes well, it can be …

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I had the awesome privilege to go and see the TED Conference Opening Session/Event on Monday night. Well, ok – I wasn’t THERE. I was watching from a movie theater. Pretty much by myself. It was still amazing to be there and see how it’s all pulled together. Unbeknownst to many people, it is not just a litany of individual talks – it really is an event. At the …

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“I speak… but I’m not really a speaker.” I spend a big amount of time working with clients who “speak” but who don’t consider themselves “speakers,” per se. It usually goes like this: Me: “When I work with speakers like you – ” Client:  – “Well, I’m not really a speaker!” – Sally: “Ok… Are you going to speak about _____ next week?” Client: “Yes.” Sally: “Then you’re a …

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LTYM Audience Glimpses of Soul

Thanks to Glimpses of Soul Photography for these gorgeous photos! In May, I participated in a Listen To Your Mother event. Have you heard of Listen To Your Mother? You may have heard my interview with LTYM founder Ann Imig from last fall, or perhaps you’ve been in the audience of one of the 41 shows that takes place throughout the country. Or, maybe you’ve run across the LTYM …

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So, next week I’m publishing an episode I recorded awhile ago on how we as speakers need to break down the 4th wall – how we need to connect and get curious and make it about these people who walk in the door with all of their world being dragged along with them. And a little over a week ago, I stood on stage at Listen To Your Mother and …

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TMM Prepare Your Audience Post

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I went to an event to see an author (who does a lot of speaking) speak. We were so excited! It turned out he was speaking with another well-known writer. Fun surprise! And, it also turns out that this event was a fundraiser, and included an ask for (additional) money. Not such a fun surprise. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of …

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