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On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Presentation Gifts! It’s T-12 Days (ok, it’s 10… ) until Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, this is a great time to take stock of the past year, and think about the year ahead. And this past year, I’ve come across some amazing creativity and every-day tools that have helped me fuel my content and delivery. So, …

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This Moved Me stage

How much time does it take to prepare for a talk? The basic answer is: A LOT. and, MORE THAN YOU THINK . and, DEPENDS ON HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO FEEL WALKING INTO YOUR TALK. BUT, MORE. IT TAKES MORE. Perhaps this is not the message you’d like to get about this. I mean, we are all trying to find short-cuts in our work to save TIME and …

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MMM On a Memorizing Trick

It’s Mini Moved Me day! Today I want to talk with you about a little memorizing trick I use when I’m trying to get the content of my talk to move from my head and really sink into my body. Whether you are refreshing a talk you haven’t done in awhile, or you are currently building a talk and aren’t delivering it yet – there’s a simple trick you …

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I’m reading Brené’s (you know, THE Brené’s) new book, Daring Greatly. Last night I read this line: “Sharing something that you’ve created is a vulnerable but essential part of engaged and Wholehearted living. It’s the epitome of daring greatly.”  Doing this work – or any work that you care about – can sometimes feel like a slog-fest. [That’s not a word, but do you know what I mean?] Slogging up …

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   Self-promotion is the woe of many of us speakers, entrepreneurs, creatives, authors… if we’re creating something, we must also face the reality that if we want people to see this thing that we’ve created, well, we’ve gotta promote it. We’ve gotta promote ourselves. For many of us, that’s no fun. And it’s for sure a ton of work. My guest today, Michelle Evans, is a pro. Her career spans …

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I’m in the middle of an Elizabeth Gilbert geek-out. Check this out: As background, I’ve been a big Elizabeth Gilbert fan for years, ever since I watched her TED talk about the fickle genius of our creative work. That talk helped me understand my relationship with creativity. It helped me take risks. It helped me do the work that I’m doing now. Last Friday I included her talk as …

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