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Vikas Narula – an entrepreneur, influencer, and owner of Keyhubs. He has perspectives on life that helps others see things that are most important. We talked about how speakers can overcome the disconnect between themselves and their audience by understanding the power of influence and connection. We shared our thoughts on the importance of creative expression and the core concepts that transform speakers to influencers. Vikas, thank you for sharing …

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MMM On Power and Stories and Orlando

I wrote this and shared it over on the This Moved Me Facebook page and my newsletter, and got quite a response… And so I thought it might be worth sharing here, as well. When I was in grad school, I was searching for a thread in my work that I couldn’t figure out how to express. It was in the middle of the second George W. Bush election …

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TMM Find Your People Graphic

I am a nerd. Which is why I went to NERDCON: STORIES last week. Yes, a conference for “nerds” (aka, people who are passionate about something) who love stories. HELLLOOOOOO NERDS, MY NAME IS SALLY, HAVE WE MET YET?? I have always associated myself with the awesomeness of nerd-dom: Speech geek! Choir! Theater dorks! I like LOTR (Lord of the Rings, for you not-quite-as-nerdy people) and even watch Game of …

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