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So, we were in the middle of our Changemakers Day event. Sixteen amazing people had been gathered together to create more meaningful change in their businesses and lives. Andy (the hubs) had spent the morning talking about the process through which we create change – and now it was my turn. My topic: using our voice for change. So I started by playing Big Booty. Have you played Big Booty? …

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How can we speak for change? A few weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of working with a group of leaders to help them share their voice in a more persuasive way. I told them, “Leaders are speakers and speakers are leaders.” Initially, they looked at me a little cock-eyed. But as I talked I watched their eyes get really wide, realizing, I think, what that means. One …

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Joshua Johnson is a geocacher, YouTuber (as the Geocaching Vlogger) and speaker. Since his first YouTube video in 2011, Josh’s curiosity has taken him around the world in pursuit of geocaches and meaningful connections. His contagious, playful attitude has earned him a respectful spot in the ever-growing, evolving, sometimes scary world of YouTube. He creates and delivers niche content in a way that resonates with his audience. In this episode, I dig into Josh’s mind to learn how he embraces the …

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“I speak… but I’m not really a speaker.” I spend a big amount of time working with clients who “speak” but who don’t consider themselves “speakers,” per se. It usually goes like this: Me: “When I work with speakers like you – ” Client:  – “Well, I’m not really a speaker!” – Sally: “Ok… Are you going to speak about _____ next week?” Client: “Yes.” Sally: “Then you’re a …

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