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The technical glitch I don’t know about you, but I’m not an especially techy person. I’ve had to learn to muddle through because part-and-parcel to being a speaker is having some technical know-how, or you’ll find yourself up a creek without a paddle. If you know what I mean. How on earth do we present without a technical glitch? I’ve been up that creek, and lost my paddle. I’ve …

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TMM Prepare Your Audience Post

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I went to an event to see an author (who does a lot of speaking) speak. We were so excited! It turned out he was speaking with another well-known writer. Fun surprise! And, it also turns out that this event was a fundraiser, and included an ask for (additional) money. Not such a fun surprise. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of …

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Hello 2016! Re-entry from vacation is always a little bumpy. I will admit, I got quite used to busting into appetizers and a bottle of wine at about 4pm (ok, 3) each day – so I’m doubling down on my smoothie/green intake this week hoping to neutralize pretty much everything. Ha! I’m still not quite done with reflecting and revisiting 2015. I couldn’t help but to do one more round-up of …

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MMM Eyebrows

To demonstrate this week’s Mini Moved Me, let me start with a few pictures of me. I’m sitting at a coffee shop, so… well, here I am: Here is Beaker’s Face…, yes, Beaker the Muppet: Now here is my face, doing my Beaker impression: (You’re welcome.) (Too bad I’m not willing to take a video of this strange and wonderful Beaker gift I have.) My face is expressive! I have …

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This Moved Me Moments Year One

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THIS MOVED ME! I love all excuses to celebrate! And this one is particularly special for me. One year ago today, I took a risk and jumped head first into this podcast thing. In many ways it was a selfish endeavor because I simply love talking about this stuff – and I love people – so it seemed like a fun little project. Well, this “fun little project” …

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TMM Find Your People Graphic

I am a nerd. Which is why I went to NERDCON: STORIES last week. Yes, a conference for “nerds” (aka, people who are passionate about something) who love stories. HELLLOOOOOO NERDS, MY NAME IS SALLY, HAVE WE MET YET?? I have always associated myself with the awesomeness of nerd-dom: Speech geek! Choir! Theater dorks! I like LOTR (Lord of the Rings, for you not-quite-as-nerdy people) and even watch Game of …

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When I interview speakers for my podcast This Moved Me, I often ask them about the idea of authenticity. It’s a big one. I’ve been studying it for 15 years, wrestling with it as a speaker myself, and encouraging it as a coach. And if we as speakers are engaged in the process of creating the kind of art that moves our audience, this is not an unfamiliar topic. But …

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It’s that time of year. Blissful wedded brides and grooms – and their attending families and friends – await the wedding toasts with a mixture of dread (the toast-ers) and glee (the toast-eds). Whether you’re the father of the bride – the best man or maid of honor – or that rogue relative who always wants to add his .02… it’s a big moment. If done well – it can be …

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