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Have you ever seen a talk that MOVED YOU? I'm sure you have; TED Talks, a sermon perhaps, maybe even a workshop or keynote by someone who spoke from the heart? Yessss. That's what it's all about. Because in those moments, big things can happen. I've felt them. I've created them. And I want more of them – for you, and for our world.

My work: I create and host the podcast, This Moved Me. I coach speakers and develop event programs. I speak to groups of people, helping them share their stories and move their audiences. I love to be up in front of people. And – I love people. I love talking with them – hearing their stories – sharing their stories – and cheering them on!

My life: I'm a mom to three (busy/awesome/wild) kids, a wife to my college sweetie (we've known each other since we were 19!), a friend (wine, cheese and chatting, anyone?) – and a (proud) Minnesotan. We live in a little house in the best neighborhood ever in the quaint little city of St. Paul. Life is pretty great.

Here's what you should know: I'm a coach who cheers you on while also guiding you honestly towards something better. I believe there aren't any shortcuts in this work, but if you engage fully it can be transformative. I like to bust people's ideas about what speaking ‘should' be (no thanks to most public speaking classes). And I like to have fun! I know this process can be scary, so I make a point not to be.

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  • The 80's
    My first moving moment - Listening to Martin Luther King on cassette and realizing that our stories can bridge great divides
  • The 90's
    Started training in theater and speech. Won the National Championships in Original Oratory
  • 1996-1999
    College - training in theater; writing and communications
  • 2000
    Hosted the rarely watched ``Apple Valley Today`` cable show and learned a lot
  • The 00's
    Grad School; theater; rhetoric; persuasion and ethics
  • The 00's
    Worked for rapidly-growing nonprofit with dozens of speakers and hundreds of talks. Honed my skills and approach as a speaker and coach.
  • 2010
    Started freelancing with speakers and organizations like Nickelodeon; Thomson Reuters; Voyageur Outward Bound; Youth Frontiers; authors and entrepreneurs.
  • 2014
    Started the This Moved Me podcast - connecting with speakers who are creating talks that move the world: Storytellers like Michael Margolis and Geraldine Buckley; Authors and entrepreneurs like Jeff Goins; TED speakers like Julian Treasure and Dan Pallotta; Coaches like Christina Canters and Lea Pica; pastors like Hank Fortener and Scott Savage.



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