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A podcast about the art of public speaking – with Sally Koering Zimney

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Oprah Golden Globes

There's a lot of talk about Oprah's Golden Globe speech. And well there should be! Sunday night I actually sat down …

Colin Stokes on This Moved Me

Colin Stokes – TED speaker, communications and marketing professional, proud Dad, and fellow high school speech geek – sat down with …

This Moved Me Move Your Audience

It's nearly 2018 – and as is the standard at this time of year, 2017 wouldn't be complete without a summary …

About This Moved Me

In early 2014, I was determined to do something podcast-y. I wanted to bring my voice, expertise and perspective into this world of speaker and audience. I wanted to talk with people about what moves them – and how we move each other. As a presentation coach, it's one of my favorite things to think about, study, dig into, share. And I happen to know lots of people who are doing amazing work – and who I know we could all learn a lot from.

So I invited smart and creative and thoughtful and generous people to talk with me, and share their insights and inspiration.

In our first weeks, we were highlighted in New&Noteworthy in iTunes – and gained a growing audience. Nearly 100 episodes later, I'm LOVING this journey. I love these conversations – the connections – the insights and inspirations. I myself cull meaning and joy from them – and I hope you do, too.

some of our amazing guests

Warm, insightful, inspiring. You rock.

Loyal Listener
I love your humor + playfulness! It's one of my very favorite things about the show... Brava!
Jeffrey Davidson ~Speaker and loyal listener
Personal. Pro. Inspiring.
Loyal Listener
Thank you for such an inspiring program! Love, love the show!
Lea Pica ~Speaker and host of Present Beyond Measure podcast


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