Creating Talks That Move The World
"Sally totally up-leved my talk. My keynote became more dynamic, while maintaining my authenticity. Sally is fantastic. This is super high-impact work."

Michael Margolis
CEO, Get Storied | Founder, StoryU
If you want to move the world with your talk... 
All you gotta do is START. 
Easier said than done, I know. 

Meet my client, Amy: 

She is CEO of this amazing organization doing incredible work for kids around the country - 
and she came to me feeling overwhelmed at pulling together a talk she had coming up. 

"I just don't have a ton of time to put into it." She said. 

She speaks fairly regularly - this was nothing she hadn't done before - 
but she was starting to feel like there has to be a better way. A clearer way. 

She realized she needed: 
 - A guide. 
 - Someone to help her see things more clearly. 
 - Someone to help push her to the next level. 

It wasn't just about her feeling more confident - it was about her making more of a difference. 

She realized that if she really wanted to lead in her industry - 
to make the kind of difference she wanted to make - 
She couldn't just do the minimum. 
She couldn't just throw something together because she's short on time. 

And we've all been there. Just barely keeping up. Knowing we have left some impact on the table because we've run out of time, and weren't sure of the best way forward. 

The truth is, we are all short on time. (Me too!)
And most of us are spending time on the wrong things - in the wrong way! Wasting time we don't have. 

And, to make matters worse - by wandering through the process without guidance, we stifle our authentic voices, cloud-up the clarity of our messages - and end up lumping our talks in with the growing piles of mediocre presentations that overwhelm our audiences these days. 

But this time was going to be different. 
Together, Amy and I implemented three "hacks" to help move her through the process of developing her next talk more quickly, without short-cutting the really important stuff. 

We saved her time, yes - but we also saved her talk. 

She walked off that stage and said, "That felt SOO good!" She got rave reviews. She got new business. And most importantly - she learned some key strategies that she now uses over and over again in the speaking opportunities that come her way, from meeting with her Board of Directors, to pulling together a keynote for a conference, to inspiring her internal team to dig a little deeper. 
Here's the thing...
There's no EASY button on developing an authentic, compelling, clear and impactful talk. 

(There IS an easy button if you want it to be canned and mediocre! See also: doing what most everyone else does.)

And like most things in life, the things that are most challenging reap the most rewards.

This free email series shares three strategies I use with my speakers to help them get through the preparation process just a bit faster. It is not the easy button, but it will make it easi-ER. These strategies won't just save time (which, is awesome and needed!), but they will save your talk - 

because when time is short, we tend to cut short the things that are most challenging, most revealing, and most important.
Hi, I'm Sally - and I want to be your coach!
My name is Sally Zimney - a presentation coach, speaker, podcast host and general lover-of-all-things speaking because I believe that one talk can move the world. 

That's my mission: to support leaders as they transform their approach to speaking, creating more compelling, authentic, clear and impactful presentations... so they can move their audience, and the world. 

It's incredibly rewarding work that I love - watching speakers step into themselves in a new and profound way, and into the possibilities that exist on the other side of connection. It's my JAM! 

And I want to do the same with you... help you dig deeper into your speaking power, connect more authentically with your audience, and make even more of an impact.            

So, in this free email series, I'm going to help you: 

 - focus on the right things at the right time,

 - get your ideas out of your head in a more efficient way,

 - and do the one thing that most people avoid but is essential to giving an authentic and impactful talk. 

Click the button below and you'll have access to this free email course that will reveal these three hacks - and add these powerful strategies to your presentation toolbox!  
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